Since 1990, Pascal Le Guern has been the voice of consumers and businesses on the largest national radio stations. He is known for his broadcasts on Europe 1, RFI, France Inter, and France Info, on which he headlined key daily shows over the course of seventeen years: Tout ComprendrePartenaire d’Entreprise, and Initiatives d’Entreprise. A noted journalist, author, and illusionist, he is an expert on non-verbal communication and covert persuasion techniques. As a trusted editorialist, he has had a ringside seat for all the major media crises of the past twenty years.

Pascal works in close partnership with leaders and innovators, both as a speaker and a DIRECCTE-accredited trainer, advising companies large and small across a wide range of industries. He also teaches communication and crisis management at the M2–MBA and MSc levels at INSEEC. His energy, authenticity, and keen sense of showmanship make him a favourite with learners of all ages and guarantee the long-lasting impact of his training programmes — for if learning is the salt of life, a little laughter never hurts, either…

Speak effectively and convincingly

All you need to know to make an impact

This entertaining interactive conference will teach you the basics of public speaking — and more. Learn how to keep listeners under your spell, use magnetic eye contact, and retain full control of your voice, even under pressure. Discover straightforward, sure-fire methods to compel and convince, raise awareness of your cause, and add dramatic weight to your message.

Negotiate, sell, and convince

Protecting leaders from manipulation

Detect and foil all attempts at undercover persuasion, thanks to this unique interactive workshop. Learn easy techniques to defend against hot reading, NLP, influence spheres, hypnotic silences, and more. Find out how to use advanced communication strategies and turn your opponents' strengths against themselves. Convince and negotiate your way out of any situation.


Interact with the press

Get the media on your side

This conference will pave your way to complete control, from routine interviews to vital announcements in times of crisis. From social media to newspapers, radio to television, learn what makes journalists tick, how to reach out to them, and rally them to your cause. This information-packed event will give you the data and confidence you need to succeed always.

Respond to crises

Avoid the worst and remain in control

This tailor-made workshop will guide you through the drafting of your emergency response plan, and prepare your media and executive teams to face probing questions from the public at a moment's notice. Built from personal experience, it includes numerous case studies, testimonies, and real-time drills to test your preparedness at all levels before the worst happens.

Pascal Le Guern is known on France Info as a chronicler and a journalist. He also happens to be a corporate magician.
— Le Figaro

Founding your business
Keys to success

Living a founder's life: such a tempting, fashionable, and perilous project! Faulty strategies, insufficient research, and administrative headaches account for a great many foreseeable failures — and a great deal of unnecessary pain. This practical guide will walk you through the basics and point out essential tools, resources, and processes to flesh out your plans and start your adventure on the right foot.

Interact with the press
From basics to mastery

Get journalists on your side and turn the press into your staunchest ally, whatever happens. Written from direct personal experience with input from leading journalists and communication specialists, this handbook is as practical as it is straightforward. From everyday interviews and product launches to major announcements, it will guide you and your projects on the path to success and critical acclaim.

The secrets of mentalism
The hidden power of language

Mentalists delight and entertain us, but their art opens the door to powerful new forms of communication. This book reveals the secrets of their confidence and teaches you all the tricks of their peculiar trade. Make your words stick, boost your powers of persuasion, be remembered for your magnetic personality, and win any battle of wits in the process. Like all leaders, let language be your weapon.

As a toddler, he would levitate his bottle in his crib.
— Le Nouvel Observateur

The largest companies trust Pascal Le Guern to train, mentor, and advise executives not only in times of crisis and ahead of important launches but also as part of ongoing awareness programmes to keep them performing at their best. In any sensitive industry, innovators are on the front lines. Investing in a coherent and agile communication system underscores a company's confidence in its potential for growth.